Norton V4S**tShow

Designed by Simon Skinner

With an all new Donington designed engine and parts bought from Aprilia (NOT Ricardo designed as the initial PR suggested), not developed in the slightest and handbuilt with sub standard components, the power train has the following options;

  • Oil Hose Failure
  • Crank Rotor Disengagement
  • Debris In Oil
  • Gear Sheared
  • Excessive Valve Guide Wear
  • Idle Gear Bearing Failure
  • Anti Backlash Can Gear Spring Failure
  • Headers Coming Loose
  • Oil Filter Torque Incorrect
  • Oil Pressure Release Valve Fail
  • Timing Chain Rubbing Strip Wear
  • Oil Pump Wear
  • Thermostat Rating Too High
  • Valve Train Failure
  • RVT Sealant on Oil Scavenger Pipe
  • Optional: Engine Seizing or blowing

Norton V4S**tShow

A Razor Sharp Chassis Developed at the IOM TT

Optional Outrigger Castings/Frame Differences 

Outrigger casting differences when compared bike-bike, most have been fabricated with the obvious higher quality part with the cast no. visible, a small no. have been fabricated without the same part. All used with parts that have not been recorded and are non traceable for material content, quality and or test results. 

Frame Adjuster Torque 

Frame Weld Fatigue

Swing Arm Cracks 

Frame strength validation to AWS D8.14 required 

Norton V4S**tShow

Other Optional Features;

  • Random Mass Coolant Leak
  • Poor Material Protection – Mass Corrosion 
  • Leaking Fuel Tank 
  • Battery Mains Lead Fire Risk 
  • Perishing Fuel Hose 
  • ABS Module Requires Calibration 
  • Rear Eccentric Hub Fitment 
  • Damaged Ignition Wiring Loom 
  • Tail Light Failure 
  • False Neutral Gear Reading 
  • Random Display Black Out 
  • Random Engine Cut Out 
  • Indicators Not Working 
  • Sprag Needle Roller Bearing Fail 
  • Rear Caliper Faullt ABS Failure 
  • Throttle Jamming Open 
  • Brake Line Melting 
  • Gear Engagement with the Side Stand Down 
  • Rear View Camera 
  • Swing Arm Cracks 
  • Total Optional Extras ‘’At Least 35’’ 

Norton V4S**tShow

Customer Service

‘’With regards to the oil leak, can you please if possible take a photograph for me so that I can get this looked into for you.  

I notice you also mention an issue with the dash? Can you explain this to me? Is there any way you could get the bike back to the factory so we are able to examine this?’’ Email 18/06/20. 

‘’We have the parts for the reworks on order, we are experiencing delays at the moment due to the move 

‘’At the moment I am unable to confirm an ETA, as soon as I have an update I will be in contact with you. ‘’ Email 24/11/20. 

‘’I understand your concern however we can only re-iterate the recommendation given in our letter, i.e. that you remove the battery from your motorcycle as soon as possible. 

At the moment we don’t have a confirmed date, we shall be in touch as soon as we can . ‘’Email 22/03/21 

‘’We are currently testing potential solutions to ensure that the recall meets the highest engineering standards and as soon as this work is completed we will contact you to arrange for your motorcycle to be collected, repaired and returned with no cost to you’’ John Russell CEO Letter 16/12/20. 

‘’Thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately due to the relocation into our new factory the Service department is not yet ready to re-open. As soon as our new workshop is completed and ready to accept customers we will publishing the opening information on our website.

Kind Regards, 
The Norton Service Team.’’
Email 13/05/21 

Norton V4S**tShow

More Customer Service...

‘’I’m sorry you are disappointed with the response from us but it is important to me that my company treats all owners of the V4-SS that were built and sold by NMUL in a fair and equitable manner. When we have something to say we will say it to everyone, at the same time, as we did in the letter sent out on the 3rd June. 

I have decided to use the email address for all correspondence regarding this subject to ensure we can keep track of it, so I will not be replying from this account in future. However, I would like to assure you that I am personally involved in this matter and, like John Russell before me, I am very committed to making Norton a truly great brand once more. Part of that work means building a great team, and each part of the team has their part to play; my role is to steer the company towards achieving that goal. 

It is clear that you understand the different responsibilities of each party involved in this subject, so you will not be surprised if I do not comment on BDO’s treatment of the various creditors they are managing, or their responsibilities to the V4-SS owners.”

As we said in our letter to all the NMUL V4-SS owners, we will send you a further update before the end of June, or earlier if we have some more news.’’ Email Dr Robert Hentschel 05/06/21. 

As I’m sure you are aware your motorcycle was manufactured and sold to you by Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd, a company that entered administration in February 2020 and has now been liquidated. When we (The Norton Motorcycle Co. Ltd.) bought certain assets of NMUL it did not include any legal responsibility for your bike and the warranty and all liabilities and responsibilities for your motorcycle passed to the Administrators, and now Liquidators of that company.’’ Every response now carries this paragraph. 

Fact: The brand and I/P to the V4SS was purchased by TVS, all records and documents were also transferred to TVS at he time of sale, the first TVS bike to launch will be the V4SS. 

Norton V4S**tShow

And More Customer Service...

’Unfortunately, we do not have access to the material traceability and SVA documents bundles associated with the build of Norton V4SS no ### that you are requesting, nor do we have any information relating to the use of scrap materials being used during the assembly of certain frames. 

With regard to the list of defects we have provided, as we stated in our letter to the V4-SS owners “These issues have been identified during our V4-SS test and evaluation programme, which is now nearing completion; however there is a possibility that we will find more problems before it is complete.” It is also possible that there are other issues that only affect certain motorcycles as we have not tested them all.’’ Email 26/05/21 

‘’I would also confirm that following the sale of the Company’s business and certain assets to The Norton Motorcycle Co Limited (‘the Purchaser’), all of the Company’s books and records were retained by the Purchaser and are not held by ourselves. We have contacted the Purchaser with regard to this matter with a view to finding additional information.’’ BDO email 27/05/21. 

‘’Thank you for the email sent to Robert, as you may know we are responding to all owners of the V4-SS built and sold by NMUL from this account to ensure we keep track of the correspondence. 

We have already answered your request for component traceability and we have nothing more to add on that subject. 

As you know from our numerous emails and letters, all liability and responsibility for your motorcycle lies with the Liquidators of NMUL, as does the treatment of the various creditors of NMUL. This is not something in our control. We have acknowledged your concerns about the additional faults you have found, however, the list of defects we have provided details the items we found in our test and evaluation programme and as a result of this we have issued all owners with a stop-ride recommendation.’’ Email 08/06/21. 

‘’We are not running a continuation of the NMUL bike. By the end of June we hope to be in a position to present an offer to all V4-SS owners to buy one of the new bikes at a special price.’’ Letter 3/06/21 

Facts: The frame malpractice issue, BDO were informed of it in a recorded meeting in Feb 20 prior to sale of NMUL to TVS with a promise to investigate? John Hogan of Superbike Magazine questioned the new CEO John Russell about it in an article written in May 2020. Should the bikes have been removed from the road as unroadworthy sooner, promotion of danger to life is a FACT….Facts were known. 

Facts; we will fix it, no we wont fix it, we will fix it, however that will be only 2 of the known defects, oil lines and battery connection. You can have a discounted new bike………insulting considering an initial purchase price of over £45k with accessories and more importantly the ‘’new’’ V4SS is designed by the same clown that designed the first bike. TVS Norton Tupe most of the old staff, culture, morality…..has it changed?? Initial suggestions would certainly suggest not, deception and withholding truths still continue within management of the new brand. 

Deception, theft and unfair and selective treatment of unsecured creditors/owners of existing V4SS motorcycles. 

A period of 3 months up to BDO Administration in Jan 20, 9no Owners Motorcycles 5no of which were chrome Norton V4SS’s were completely stripped for parts to facilitate Norton’s production line and revenue. The bikes were 5no chrome Norton V4SS’s. This was carried out under instruction from Stuart Garner, CEO & Director and Simon Skinner, Director; Head of Design and Production. None of the owner customers were informed either directly or indirectly that parts were being removed from their motorcycles which were in at the factory for servicing and warranty work. Those staff involved could be categorised into either acknowledging this process of removing parts from owner motorcycles was acceptable and were complicit in this action or they were under threat, one quote from a staff member at the time “if you don’t like what’s going on here you need to find a job elsewhere” being delivered by a Director. 

An established group of owners and connection grew with more information becoming available, a bike was GPS tracked en route through France and into Spain as a result of Norton using the parts which included the tracker from one of the stolen parts bikes fitted on to allegedly newly produced motorcycle leaving Donnington just before the administration date. 

On your purchase of the company, TVS was aware of the stripped motorcycles and committed to repair those motorcycles by putting right the wrongs. This credit extended to honouring customers with full payment and no motorcycle. You were fully aware of the state of affairs, and this quickly remedied the situation. It also suppressed any negative press but also gave huge confidence going forward that Norton was to begin to have the foundations correct and project toward a better future. 

Furtherly an agreement has been made with a number of the owners mentioned above to provide them with replacement bikes free of charge. 

Norton V4S**tShow

Rider Reviews

‘’Wished I had dumped £44K on a Ducati’’ 

‘’I took the bike out as soon as it arrived and within 8 miles the back wheel was feeling twitchy, I slowly brought the bike to a stop and as I turned the ignition off I was engulfed in acrid smoke and could smell the unmistakable odour of burning oil. The oil hose had ruptured and and the back wheel and exhausts were covered in engine oil’’ 

‘’On a ride the screen showed random error messages and there was a smell of oil.’’ 

‘’On a journey when the left indicator was pressed the screen went black and the engine cut out.’’ 

‘’The belly pan had a pool of oil in it.’’ 

‘’Following a clean I noticed the screen had water ingress, Norton accused me of pressure washing it and charged £900 to replace it.’’ 

‘’The thing has already tried to kill me and me and my family don’t want me to ride it again.’’ 

‘’I have had better riding experience with old bangers.’’ 

‘’I cant afford to pass over more money they have hit me hard enough already.’’ 

‘’I had to take a loan out to by what I thought was the bike of my dreams.’’ 

‘’Norton TVS had my bike back for engine issues and came back in worse condition than it left, gasket sealant evident on crank cases, scratched fairing and wheels, broken carbon, panel bolts stripped.’’ 

‘’Oil pipes blew in May 20, Engine misfire in Aug 20’’ 

‘’Adam ‘Chad’ Child, MCN test rider, test ride of #1 with the Aprilia Engine in which has a 65 degree V engine, the production V4SS is 72 degree, #1 had an aluminium tank, production model is carbon – weight was 195kg on #1, production bike is 203kg’’ 

‘’Mine broke down – the starter spigot clutch engagement nut became slack causing really difficult starting, the resultant high current in the starting circuit then completely burnt the solenoid out, had to be rescued roadside’’ 

Limited to approaching 260 bikes – ?? You do know there will be #duplicates out there in the market don’t you? The build quantity was supposed to be an exclusive 200! 

The promise was…

‘’Limited to just 200 exclusive motorcycles, the Norton V4 SS is the most technologically advanced road-going British motorcycle ever produced. All-new 1200cc, 72-degree liquid-cooled V4 engine making 200bhp. Designed and built at Norton’s Donington Hall factory.’’ 

Norton V4S**tShow

A choice of two special colours, bubbling, poor quality and colour changing painted chrome finish or natural carbon fibre. 

Hand Built Billet frame which is liable to cracking and fatigue, manufactured from sub standard materials and scrap components. 

Norton V4S**tShow

Would you buy one?

Opportunity for Norton TVS 

As owners of the V4SS Gen 1 motorcycle we would like to extend an invitation to the CEO Dr Robert Hentschel and Senior Management of TVS Motors to work with us to try and rebuild what truly is an iconic brand, to re-install the heritage timeline and help to promote the positives of a new business. As investors in the brand we also wish Norton TVS to succeed……but what we also want is transparency, fairness, continuity and the treatment that brand supporters are entitled to. We will you to work with us in resolving this matter to remove the distraction and enable us all to promote a more uplifting story.